Dragon Dreams

The midnight Moon rises in the indigo sky. My eyes flicker open and I wake. I yawn, stretching my mouth wide, showing many rows of jagged teeth.

The air is crisp and clean with the coming of Winter. I smile and taste the air with my long forked tongue, Then softly blow smoke to watch it rise into the darkened Heavens.

With a sigh of delight, I unfurl great leathern wings Reaching them upward into the Night. My heart races as I am lifted sharply into the starry abyss.

The earth drops away beneath me as I soar higher and higher, Free from the grasping fingers of gravity As I explore the unfathomable vastness of the open skies.

Time becomes limitless as I glide through clouds, Chasing the Wind over snowcapped mountain peaks And laughing at the Stars perched in the stillness above me.

Then my eyes see the first rays of Dawn peeking over the horizon; Sharp pointed tendrils of purest light That pierce the tangible Darkness and send it cowering in retreat.

As the light grows brighter and the comforting dark recedes, I search for a place to land, Someplace warm and cozy and dark, where I can await the passing of day.

I spy a cavern near a gurgling stream that looks inviting, and with a dip of my wings I am snugly inside. Memories of another glorious flight run round my head as I close my eyes…

…And awaken to my world of Dreaming.

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