Chasing Dragons

(from the personal log of Detective Inspector Mira Kairos)

Let me begin by saying that I was never a believer in Fairy Tales, myths, urban legends or other such fiction. While other children’s imaginations were piqued by stories of incredible, fantastical creatures, I was a skeptic even from a very young age. No ghosts, goblins or spectres haunted my youth. I believed very little aside from what I could see with my own eyes. How could there possibly be such beings as Unicorns or Trolls or Gryphons when no fossil record was ever found? How could one man possibly deliver toys all around the globe in a solitary night, with only empty milk glasses and crumbs as forensic evidence? I made my parents buggy with that one, and I suppose it unnecessary to say I was quite precocious. In my mind, for any mystery or riddle there was always a man behind the curtain working the controls. A humbug. An old man in a rubber mask.

Doubtless it was this same need for undeniable, concrete facts that led me to a career in investigation. Quite a successful career, I might add. I have a higher rate of solving cases than anyone in my department, perhaps even in the district. Perhaps a bit too successful, if you catch my meaning. Which is how I ended up inheriting my current case—one unsolved and untouched by our offices for decades. A case my supervisor gave me as a “reward”, a new challenge to test my superior skills.

One with a train of evidence spanning thousands of years.

Yes, I know how ludicrous that sounds, I could scarcely believe it myself. But here I sit in a storehouse stacked from the floor to the ceiling and wall-to-wall with container after container of papyrus scrolls, books, newspapers, magazines, loose hand-written pages, discs and more. Each with its own account: legends, folklore, family histories, transcripts of oral traditions and first-hand eyewitness accounts, interviews, etc. Connected stories passed down through the ages from all across the globe. And each one presenting a convincing body of evidence. Each one pointing to the same indisputable, incontrovertible truth.

Proof that Dragons indeed walk among us.